TIPS, TACTICS & TRICKS For Fortnite Beginners

Our Fortnite: Battle Royale tips, tricks, and tactics page contain a wealth of strategic advice to help you improve and win more games.

Slapping a Battle Royale mode onto Fortnite’s previous PVE-only content will prove to be one of Epic’s greatest decisions – ever, possibly. Ever since it made the call, the game’s been on a meteoric rise that’s nothing short of mind-boggling. Streamers like Ninja have played the game with huge celebrities, while the game’s mobile version calmly racks up millions of users too. It’s reached the point where even teachers are struggling to pull children away from Fortnite in classrooms. There’s the mainstream media coverage on an almost daily basis. It’s madness.

The Battle Royale genre was popularized by the likes of DayZ, H1Z1 and – more recently – PUBG. Fortnite: Battle Royale doesn’t do that much to break away from the same formula. You kick off games by parachuting into a map with 99 other players, and attempt to outlast them all in a nerve-wracking battle to the death. You’ve got free reign on how you go about surviving, and that’s why it’s such a genre that’s taken over the world, and a game that’s currently the most popular in the world right now.

Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode separates itself from the competition through its simple, but hard to master building mechanics. With the aid of your trusty pickaxe and blueprint, you’re able to construct walls, ramps and more which you can snap together to form forts and build defenses on the fly. Unlike PUBG, you don’t have to focus on just shooting someone, you’ve also got to out-build them to win the duel too. It adds an entirely new dimension to a Battle Royale genre that’s focused entirely on gunning others down, and that’s why Fortnite rules the roost. You don’t necessarily need to have the best aim or reaction speeds to prosper here, as you can outdo your enemies with superior building skills.

On this page you’ll find a vast number of tips, tricks and strategy advice to help you improve at every aspect of the game, from building to shooting and even to simply improving the state of your PC setup. We’ll also guide you through the best ways to get a head start, find the best loot and pretty much everything in-between!

Getting Started: Controls, Binds and Settings

1. For PC players, make sure your video settings are tuned for optimal performance. It doesn’t take long and requires minimal effort, so open up our best settings guide in another tab and start applying those changes.

2. Get your mouse and gamepad sensitivities just right. PC players should fiddle with the in-game settings as well as their mouse DPI, while console players will only need to tweak their ‘Gamepad ADS and Scope’ sensitivities.

3. It’s important that PC players get their keybinds set up. Focus on rebinding some of your inventory slots. [Z] and [X] work well for healing and armour items while binding your pickaxe to a mouse side button is also recommended. Most importantly, you’ll want to rebind many of your building options to make the process much smoother.


4. When you’re soaring across the sky in the Battle Bus, press [M] or the up arrow on the D-Pad to bring up the map and get your bearings.

5. It’s essential that you mark wherever you’re planning to land. Simply click on the map to do so and it’ll appear on the compass at the top of your HUD – perfect for getting your bearings and hitting your spot just right.

6. To land in the fastest possible fashion, simply dropping straight onto your target won’t cut it. Instead, plunge towards the ground in a nearby area and begin gliding towards your location of choice.

7. Try to avoid spiraling over to your landing spot. It’s much faster to move in one direction towards your chosen location.

8. If you spy a number of players heading towards your landing spot of choice, either commit to and prepare for the inevitable fracas, or quickly find an alternative starting point. Try and avoid hesitating for too long though, otherwise you’ll put yourself at a real disadvantage!

9. Choose your starting location wisely. Big towns and cities are real hot spots for action, while locations on the outskirts may be a little less occupied. We’ve got a whole page dedicated to the best places to land in Fortnite.

10. If you’re looking to practice your weapon skills, it’s worth dropping in on heavily populated areas like Tilted Towers, Pleasant Park and Retail Row. You’ll engage in more fights and – over time – you’ll start improving your aim and your building skills.

11. To practice surviving for as long as possible, or getting accustomed to different settings, dropping in a quieter area will give you some ample breathing room and looting time.


12. Keep an eye out for shining loot as you descend, and attempt to land directly on these piles if at all possible. This will ensure you’ll be ready to fight straight away.

13. Once you’ve landed, it’s crucial that you find any form of weapon as quickly as possible. Sprint through buildings or scour the outskirts until you have something – anything – to clobber your first opponents with.

14. Don’t be afraid to land on top of a building – you can simply get out your pickaxe and start hacking away at the roof to drop in.

15. Always keep an ear out for the tinkle of a golden loot chest when you’re looting inside a building. As the hum gets louder, you’ll know you’re drawing closer to it. Knock down walls to try and find them as the contents are well worth adding to your inventory!

16. Weapons come under different tiers: Grey (Common), Green (Uncommon), Blue (Rare), Purple (Epic) and Yellow (Legendary). The higher the tier, the better the stats. Got the option to grab the same weapon but of a higher rarity? Do it and throw the trash out.

17. The moment you stumble across Mini or Large armour potions, use them straight away if you’re lacking in the shield department. Otherwise, keep hold of them. It goes without saying that they’re invaluable for helping you survive for as long as possible.

18. Don’t underestimate the light-repair bandages, as you can stack loads of them in your inventory for quick, effective healing. It’ll also save you relying on rarer Med-Kits too.

19. Get in the habit of managing your items and don’t settle for a messy inventory. Keeping things in good order will make things more intuitive when switching between items – this extra time could mean the difference between winning or losing in a hectic firefight.

20. When looting, prioritise those weapons and items that you’ll need. Generally speaking, you’ll want weapon options for long-range and short-range fights, as well as health and armour items.


21. For the most populated areas, look no further than: Tilted Towers, Pleasant Park and Retail Row.

22. For a less populated area, we recommend heading towards the outskirts of the map: Snobby Shores, Junk Junction and Moisty Mire are all usually pretty quiet.

23. Be aware that dropping into a quiet area will mean less looting time. You’ll need to keep an eye on the clock and judge when to move off so as to remain in the ever-shrinking playable area.

24. If you’re just starting off in the game, we recommend heading into populated locations and getting stuck in. Throw away any attachment to winning and focus on practicing your aim, your building skills, looting speed and more. This is easily the fastest way to improve at the game.

25. Unless you’re an experienced player, landing in Loot Lake isn’t advised. It’s a pretty isolated spot on the map and you’re also rather vulnerable while attempting to cross the lake to reach the mainland.


26. For close range engagements, you won’t get any better than the Pump/Tactical Shotguns and the Tactical SMG.

27. You’ll always want an Assault Rifle in your inventory. Almost any one will do, as both the Burst and M16A4 are capable of taking down opponents at both medium and long range.

28. If you spot a SCAR Assault Rifle, make sure you nab it. It’s the best Assault Rifle in the game by a long shot!

29. Free up a slot for a heavy weapon. Between the Rocket Launcher and the Minigun, the Rocket Launcher takes the crown for us. It’s a brilliant tool for destroying forts and putting pressure on opponents who’ve tucked themselves away behind a tree or structure.

30. Grenades are great for destroying structures or catching enemies with explosive splash damage. It’s worth keeping a slot free and hoarding any you come across.

31. Spot a Sniper Rifle? Pick it up. These are easily the best long range weapons in the game and are capable of dropping opponents in an instant.

32. Always keep an eye out for Ammo Crates whenever you’re looting. These unassuming green cases hold plenty of ammunition – perfect for fueling your destructive habits.

33. Sniper Rifles are the only weapons that are affected by bullet drop. This means that you’ll have to take into account how far away your target is, and how fast they are travelling in a certain direction before pulling the trigger. It’s a knack that you’ll develop over time, so keep practicing!

34. Assault Rifles, Shotguns, SMGs, Pistols aren’t subject to bullet drop. This means you can point and click on someone, press the trigger, and your shots will land instantaneously.

35. Our honorable mention goes to the Crossbow. It’s a variant of the Bolt Action Sniper Rifle with near silent operation and a heavier bullet drop. This thing can be lethal in the right hands.

36. Although it may seem obvious, headshots deal huge amounts of bonus damage. Aim for the head if you can!

37. In Solo games, enemies will be eliminated instantly. If you’re playing in Duosor Squads enemies will, more often than not, go into a DBNO (Down But Not Out) state if their teammates are still alive. If they are eliminated instantly, however, this indicates that they were the final member of the party.

38. The Rocket Launcher is must-pick weapon for taking care of enemy fortresses or structures. It’s far more accurate than a grenade!

39. Throw the Impulse Grenade down at an enemy’s feet and it’ll send them flying. An opponent standing close to a sheer drop makes for a prime target.

40. Chuck a Boogie Bomb at someone’s feet and they’ll start busting a move whether they like it or not. This’ll give you some breathing room to reposition, reload your weapon or simply get on the offensive. They’re fantastic for reversing an otherwise fatal situation.

41. We’ve found the Light Machine Gun and Minigun to be a little lackluster when it comes to taking out enemies. They’re just a little too inaccurate when spraying down foes. Treat them as tools to demolish enemy structures and they’re brilliant shredding tools.

42. Take an extra half-second or two before chucking a Clinger Grenade at an enemy. Their explosive radius isn’t particularly large, so taking the time to land your stick is well worth the effort.

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