Terms & Conditions

Website and Online Purchase Terms and Conditions

By using this site or placing an order with Maverick Gaming Center through the main site or our online store (at https://mavericklangaming.co.za), you are accepting these Terms & Conditions. Please read these Terms & Conditions before placing using the site or an order.

In these Terms & Conditions
“We” and “us” means Maverick Gaming Center
“You” means the person placing an order.

“The contract is agreed” – by completing and submitting an electronic order form, you are making an offer to purchase products which, if accepted by us, will result in a binding contract. An acceptance email from us confirms that the contract is formed.

By using the website to buy products online, you confirm that you are at least 18 years old, and are consenting to these terms and conditions and to our privacy policy.

This website and all content contained within it is protected by copyright and no portion of it may be used without express written permission from Maverick gaming Center

This website allows comments on specific articles or pages, but all comments will be monitored and will be displayed at the sole discretion of https://www.mavericklangaming.co.za/and Legal Ease Consulting, Inc.

Newsletter Subscription
Users who receive the Maverick Gaming Center’s newsletter either directly through registration on https://www.mavericklangaming.com/ or through purchase of products from https://www.mavericklangaming.co.za/ may be removed from the email newsletter list at any time at the sole discretion of Maverick Gaming Center.

By completing and submitting an electronic order form, you are making an offer to purchase goods which, if accepted by us, will result in a binding contract. Please note that products will not be sent (or links to online products) until we have authorization from your payment card issuer. We will not be liable if there is a delay, and we will not accept your order if payment is not authorized.

Certain steps must be followed for a contract to be formed, as described below.

After you have placed your order:

You will receive an email to acknowledge your order. It will confirm which products you have ordered, but it may not constitute an acceptance of your order. You may be directed to a third-party site to complete your order.

We do not have to accept your order, and for example, we will not accept your order if:

  • We do not have the products in stock
  • Your payment is not authorized
  • There is an error on our website regarding the price or other details of the products
  • You have cancelled your order

We reserve the right to refuse any order.

Returning products after sending

Each product sold through Maverick Gaming Center’s site is guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with the product after receiving it, contact us for return of the payment price, as indicated in the guarantee.

Returns and refunds can mailed to maverick@matrixwarehouse.co.za or phone us on 010 020 7798


  • All new hardware purchased from Maverick Gaming has 12 (twelve) months carry-in warranty from date of purchase.
  • The warranty stated herein is only valid for  clients that purchase products from Maverick Gaming’s website.
  • The warranty will be void should the serial number, security seal or label be tampered with or removed.
  • The warranty will be void if the goods have been written on,  tampered with, or modified in any way.
  • Maverick Gaming will not deliver or collect any warranty goods to or from the client.
  • Goods returned as defective with 7 (seven) days of purchase will be exchanged or replaced immediately after being tested by Maverick Gaming technicians and deemed to be within the terms and conditions stated herein. Should a replacement not be immediately available for exchange an  “in store credit” will be passed. This  may be redeemed only at the store that issued the credit note and is valid for  maximum of 30 (thirty) days only.
  • The following items are excluded from the above and will first be sent to the manufacturers approved repair center for assessment: Printers, Monitors, Modems, Speakers, Scanners, UPS’s, Notebook, Tablets and Cartridges. Only  upon their approval will a credit or replacement be passed on  to the client.
  • A component that has been damaged due to negligence, mishandling, lightning strikes, or power surges will be declared void of warranty. This includes components that have been installed incorrectly by a party other than a Maverick Gaming employee, components that have been dropped after purchase, components that have liquid damage, components that have been exposed to excess dirt and heat, components that have been over clocked or forced to perform beyond their normal operating standard as set out by the manufacturer, and components that have been physically abused in any way.
  • Maverick Gaming does not accept liability for loss or damage to any extra items, components and peripherals that may be booked in with warranty items. This  includes items such as cables, bags, software and installation disks, inks  or cartridges, instruction manuals etc.
  • Maverick Gaming will not be liable for the loss of any data at all. It remains the client’s sole responsibility to ensure that they have an  adequate back-up of all their data.
  • Supplier lead time for  warranty items is up to 21 (twenty-one) working days.
  • There is no  warranty on  consumables i.e. blank  CD’s and  DVD’s, cartridges and toners, cables, paper, batteries, etc.

Liquids and pastes also carry no  warranty whatsoever and will not be accepted for  credit or exchange.

  • Software carries no warranty at all. There is no refund, no swap out or any exchange on all software.
  • Maverick Gaming will not take responsibility to pay out anything for  any loss whatsoever.

Pricing and payment

Prices throughout the website are quoted in Rand. Packing and delivery costs, if any, will be added to the total price of your purchase.

While we make every effort to ensure that the products shown on our website are currently available at the price shown, we cannot guarantee that this will always be the case. If products you have ordered are unavailable, you will be notified as soon as possible.

The price you pay is the price of the products shown at the time you place your order, even if the price of the product has since changed.

Your payment card will be debited for your order at the time the order is placed. By submitting an online order with Maverick Gaming Center, you expressly agree not to request a ‘charge back’ of any fees or payments for said orders, and that no dispute with Maverick Gaming Center will be raised with or adjudicated by the credit card company. Rather, you agree to contact Maverick Gaming Center directly to resolve the issue or obtain a refund pursuant to the product guarantee.

Where an offer mentions that an item is reduced in price, eg: half-price, the discount will be calculated at checkout before any postage or packaging charges are applied.

Digital Purchases like gaming tournament tickets are non refundable.

Delivery information

Delivery turn around is 7 working days except on the Pre-Oder items listed in shop.

Orders outside Gauteng will be sent by courier with cost added to invoice price.

For products that require shipping, we will email you as soon as your order has been shipped, and will advise of the shipping method (if any) at that time.

Outline area’s might be subjected to additional delivery fee.

Changes to Terms & Conditions for buying products online

We reserve the right to change these Terms & Conditions for buying products online from time to time. If this happens, we will notify you by posting the new Terms & Conditions for buying products online on the website. If you do not wish to be governed by the revised Terms & Conditions for buying products online, you must not place any further orders.

If any part of these Terms & Conditions for buying products online is found to be invalid by law, the rest of them remain valid and enforceable.