THERMALTAKE cases allow end-user customization, whether it’s as simple as LED lighting or as complex as having modular panels that can be taken apart and assembled as per the user’s needs. What’s more important, however, is ventilation. The CPU gets hot while in use, and if excess heat isn’t dissipated effectively, issues like thermal throttling kick in and you lose Read More

Best Alienware Gaming Desktops

Dell’s core gaming brand of Alienware is world-famous for its top-tier machines, and these take the stress out of making your own rig – they’re pre-built and ready to go.  Well established and with a long line of familiar-looking models, the newer models have only continued that trend of pre-built, pre-assembled power that’s ready to go straight out of the Read More

What to know when buying a PC PSU Power Supply

There’s more to buying a PSU than grabbing the biggest number and going home. Each number means something, and you’d be surprised at how little you actually need for a functional gaming system, especially with modern hardware. We’re going to break down each of the main power supply specs below and what they mean to you. WattageWattage refers to the Read More