A modem router is the bridge between the Internet and your home network. Sometimes referred to as gateways, modem routers offer everything you need to create a wireless Internet connection in your home (modem, router and access point).

If your ISP is charging you a rental fee for your modem, you could save money by buying your own modem router. Upgrading to the latest hardware (such as dual core processors, powerful amplifiers and Beamforming technology) is also likely to improve performance.
If your network is often used by several devices at once, consider opting for a modem router with multiple bands. Dual and tri-band routers allow your devices to communicate with the router on different frequencies so you can avoid data blockages during peak use.
Modem routers are often used for ADSL and VDSL connections. However, premium modem routers can also support a cable modem or NBN Fibre connection so you have even greater flexibility in your set up.

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