Nintendo suing Team Xecuter member


Nintendo Of America has filed a lawsuit against Switch hacking organisation Xecuter.

The news was reported by Polygon, which obtained the lawsuit filed on Friday, April 16. The lawsuit alleges that Team Xecuter member Gary Bowser has infringed on its copyright in order to create and sell hacks for the Nintendo Switch. Check out the complete lawsuit filing here.

In the lawsuit, Nintendo described the operation as “an international pirate ring” that sells hacking devices to circumvent security measures for the Nintendo Switch, ultimately allowing the console to run pirated games.

Per the lawsuit, Bowser has allegedly been creating and selling hacking devices for Nintendo consoles dating back to 2013 for the Nintendo 3DS. The report also notes that Bowser has been linked to multiple past crimes in relation to the current lawsuit.

The lawsuit alleges that Bowser was charged in Canada in 2008 for an operation “involving counterfeit Nintendo video games and the modification of video game consoles”. Late last year, Bowser and his accomplice at Team Xecuter were arrested for tracking “circumvention devices, the vast majority of which target Nintendo consoles”.

Nintendo also claims that “Team Xecuter’s unlawful SX OS is the most-installed piracy software on the Nintendo Switch. At one point, the SX OS was pre-installed on 89% of modded/hacked Nintendo Switch products available for illegal sale”.

The damages seemed by Nintendo include USD$2,500 for each trafficked device, as well as USD$150,000 for each copyright violation. Nintendo also wants Bowser’s operations to be shut down for good.

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