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Valorant guns

The best Valorant guns

Riot Games is taking a fresh approach to its upcoming multiplayer first-person shooter by leaning heavily into its competitive credentials. So it makes sense that the studio is basing so...

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Cyberpunk 2077

Ways to make Cyberpunk 2077 run faster

Cyberpunk 2077 is breathtaking. The densely packed, stunningly vertical streets and teeming crowds make Night City feel more alive than any other virtual metropolis to date. Real-time ray tracing transforms Cyberpunk from...

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Valorant The best agents

Valorant The best agents for ranked

The utility is essential in Valorant and can make the difference between securing a plant and getting trapped in spawn, so smokes, delaying utility, and corner-clearing flashes are generally what...

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Valorant Agent

Valorant Agent Tier List

Valorant Agent Tier List: From easiest to hardest to play. Find out which of the 10 agents is the easiest to pick up and which is the hardest to master....

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What not to do in Fortnite

Top 10 Funny Fortnite Fails! We all started as newbs or and we’ve all have made an embarrassing move in a game we’ve played over a thousand times. These are...

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Steam Exploit Finally Fixed After Two Years

Steam, the online gaming platform for computers, has a variety of safeguards in place to help prevent players from unintentionally accessing suspicious links and unrelated websites. However, exploits can arise...

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Nintendo suing Team Xecuter member

Nintendo Of America has filed a lawsuit against Switch hacking organisation Xecuter. The news was reported by Polygon, which obtained the lawsuit filed on Friday, April 16. The lawsuit alleges...

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KFC Console

Introducing KFC Console

POWER YOUR HUNGER The KFConsole has arrived. Forged from the fires of the KFC ovens and built by Cooler Master from the ground up, there has never been a tastier...

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Tabletop RPG

Best Tabletop RPGs Of 2020

Many tabletop role-playing enthusiasts had to make big changes to their playstyles in 2020. Whether it meant suspending long-running games, moving to virtual play sessions, or playing more with those...

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