Tips to have the best Gaming setup

Playing video games is not only a source of entertainment for gamers, but it’s also a great way to improve mental processes such as attention, decision-making, perception, and memory. It’s no wonder then, that since their inception in the late 1950s, video games have steadily increased in popularity. And today, there are more gamers than ever. Now, there’s a difference between someone Read More

Tips to become better at Mobile Gaming

Trying To Get Better At Mobile Gaming? Here Are Some Tips If you are a casual or professional gamer, you know winning at mobile games is not as easy as it sounds. Mobile phones are more accessible now and there are more online players than ever before. This makes the competition in online games and winning even tougher. Now, some may say Read More

TIPS, TACTICS & TRICKS For Fortnite Beginners

Our Fortnite: Battle Royale tips, tricks, and tactics page contain a wealth of strategic advice to help you improve and win more games. Slapping a Battle Royale mode onto Fortnite’s previous PVE-only content will prove to be one of Epic’s greatest decisions – ever, possibly. Ever since it made the call, the game’s been on a meteoric rise that’s nothing Read More

The best Valorant guns

Riot Games is taking a fresh approach to its upcoming multiplayer first-person shooter by leaning heavily into its competitive credentials. So it makes sense that the studio is basing so much of their game – especially the weapon behaviour – off two of the best competitive shooters around CS:GO and its predecessor Counter-Strike. Already it’s clear that many of the Read More

Ways to make Cyberpunk 2077 run faster

Cyberpunk 2077 is breathtaking. The densely packed, stunningly vertical streets and teeming crowds make Night City feel more alive than any other virtual metropolis to date. Real-time ray tracing transforms Cyberpunk from feeling like a very pretty videogame to feeling like an actual place. It’s finally here. All that eye candy doesn’t come free, though. This game can bring even the most Read More

Tips on How to Get Better at Fortnite

Fortnite tips to help you edge ever closer to that coveted Victory Royale spot. Having a set of Fortnite tips to hand can help you navigate the battle royale, especially when there are so many changes being introduced with each new season. Then there was the transfer to Chapter 2 in the not-too-distant past, where everything got updated including weapons, Read More

Valorant The best agents for ranked

The utility is essential in Valorant and can make the difference between securing a plant and getting trapped in spawn, so smokes, delaying utility, and corner-clearing flashes are generally what separate S-tier from C-tier. Anything that counters Operator plays is good. Research tuning into pro streams and dying countless times over in ranked play so you don’t have to makes Read More


If you like playing Fortnite with your friends, you can easily keep track of who’s online as well as add new friends with ease. Read along below for some ways you can add friends, party up, and even make new ones! 1. PLAYING FORTNITE ON DIFFERENT PLATFORMS? NO WORRIES. If your friends are playing Fortnite, you can easily play with them, Read More