Sony’s first PS5 software beta arrives

Sony’s PS5 system software beta program is starting to roll out today, and it includes access to the long-awaited M.2 SSD slot. The first PS5 beta is available for select users in the US, Canada, Japan, UK, Germany, and France. The beta includes some new UX enhancements and customizations, but the biggest addition is M.2 SSD expansion support. Sony notes you’ll Read More

Solar Ash Release Date Confirmed

Solar Ash the new game is developed by Heart Machine, the developer of Hyper Light Drifter, and will be published by Annapurna Interactive. While there wasn’t an initial release date for the game, the developer still showed gameplay of Solar Ash for gamers to enjoy. The developer would eventually share more details about Solar Ash, including more gameplay videos and the release platforms for the game on the PC, PS4, Read More

Stray Cat Game Is Coming

Stray puts you in the furry body of a stray cat who, through some mysterious circumstance, has arrived in a bleak, futuristic city inhabited by humanoid robots. Along the way, you’ll explore and solve puzzles as only a cat can, navigating an inhospitable world with the feline’s natural acrobatics and wit. Despite its grungy trappings, however, the game doesn’t always take Read More

Activision Blizzard Walkout Underway

The planned work stoppage is underway, and several game industry figures, peers, and influencers have expressed solidarity with Activision Blizzard employees. Some are showing support by signal-boosting the walkout on Twitter, while others are donating to organizations listed by organizers of the walkout that promote women in gaming (including Black Girls Who Code, Futures Without Violence, Women In Animation, Girls Who Code, and Women In Read More

Motherboard manufacturers unite against Intel

In preparation for Intel’s Alder Lake launch later this year, the company has been trying to convince manufacturers to move over to its more energy-efficient ATX12V0 power standard, ready for this 12th generation, monster CPUs. But since this would involve big, and potentially awkward changes for manufacturers of both motherboards and PSUs, Intel has been met with a “united front Read More

Best Laptops from Acer

Acer offers a wide selection of laptops ranging from affordable budget notebooks to chunky powerful gaming laptops and even some really good Chromebooks. The company has been associated with products that are often not that expensive. Best mainstream: Acer Swift 3 A lightweight offering, the Acer Swift 3 comes at a fairly affordable price of under $700. The ultrabook comes Read More


THERMALTAKE cases allow end-user customization, whether it’s as simple as LED lighting or as complex as having modular panels that can be taken apart and assembled as per the user’s needs. What’s more important, however, is ventilation. The CPU gets hot while in use, and if excess heat isn’t dissipated effectively, issues like thermal throttling kick in and you lose Read More