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There’s no shortage of contenders for the title of the best gaming mouse. what makes a gaming mouse different from the one sitting at your desk now? The sensors inside of a gaming mouse are way more responsive and accurate. The sensors purposefully don’t adhere to smoothing, so you can make sudden, and accurate movements. Standard DPI for a mouse or how sensitive a mouse is to movements is around 1,600. A gaming mouse usually will sport 4,000 DPI all the way up to 20,000.

Razer Naga Pro
The best gaming mouse overall – it’s hard to find a mouse that serves each game’s needs without it becoming an overstuffed monstrosity. That’s where the Razer Naga Pro comes in. It features three unique, detachable panels which allow you to up the ante in everything from battle royales to MOBAs, and they’re a revelation. Swapping between them is easy, and they make life so much easier for MMO games in particular because your wealth of attacks are so close to hand.

Sure, its wireless functionality may make some gamers hesitate. But from our extensive tests, Razer’s HyperSpeed tech offers no latency that we could see. And because you can always plug it in via a Speedflex USB cable anyway, you’re getting the best of both worlds. Especially because the mouse’s wireless battery life is so good.

When combined with the whip-crack responsiveness offered by its 20,000 DPI sensor, the Naga Pro will set you up perfectly for the next generation of gaming.

Logitech G203 Lightsync
The best gaming mouse for those on a budget – you’ve been treated to a satisfying but quick click thanks to responsive switches to go with six programmable buttons. These are supported by an optical sensor that provides a DPI ranging from 200 to 8,000. Although this isn’t as high-performance as other entries on the list, it’s more than enough to get by. Plus, it’ll still be a huge step up compared to ‘normal’ non-gaming mice.

Its design gives off a sense of quality you don’t always get with mice at this price range. Appearances aren’t everything, but the G203 Lightsync aces that department nonetheless due to gorgeous three-zone RGB lighting.

Razer DeathAdder V2
The best mid-range gaming mouse – The V2 packs a 20,000 DPI sensor that’s leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. It’s accompanied by a 650 inches per second rating as well, so it’ll still perform brilliantly even if you’re flinging it across your mouse mat.

Although it’s lacking additional controls like some other mice on this list, the two extra thumb buttons on the side are well placed enough that you won’t need to worry about hitting them accidentally in the middle of a battle. They sit above understated but effective grips, too, underlining what makes this the best gaming mouse – the DeathAdder V2 is more interested in peak performance than overblown gimmicks. A must-have.

Corsair Ironclaw RGB
The best gaming mouse for larger hands – If you have larger hands and find some mice to be on the small side, the Corsair Ironclaw RGB should be your first port of call. This is an excellent bit of hardware that’ll serve you well for both works and play.

As you’d expect from Corsair, the Ironclaw is of the highest quality in terms of its build. Put together from a variety of sturdy materials ranging from grippy rubber to smooth matte plastic, it’s a winner in terms of ergonomics. A sturdy, braided cable also helps reinforce that feeling of quality.

It’s no slouch when it comes to features, either. It offers an enviable 18,000 DPI sensor with a tolerance of 400 IPS, meaning it’ll still be able to track your movements when the mouse is hurtling across your mat. Additionally, the click action of each button is tactile and satisfying.

Razer Viper 8K Hz

The best gaming mouse for shooters – Designed for use on monitors with a refresh rate of 144Hz or more, it cuts cursor stutter by telling your PC or laptop where the cursor is more frequently. To be precise, it reduces input delay from 1ms to 1/8th of a millisecond. The difference between your input and movement on-screen becomes far smaller as a result, and that helps this Viper feel much smoother in use.

The second-gen Optical switches are equally fantastic. They allow for an almost instantaneous response upon clicking. The majority of gaming mice use metal contacts to register clicks, but the Viper 8K Hz utilises a much faster-infrared light beam that shoots an electrical signal to your PC. This means you can react much faster with the Viper than normal, and that’ll give you an edge in multiplayer shooters.

What’s more, the fact that it’s ambidextrous helps a great deal. There aren’t many left-handed gaming mice, so this one catering to everyone – not unlike the Corsair M55 RGB Pro – is a breath of fresh air. You’re covered even if you want to cut the cord; the Razer Viper Ultimate is the wireless version, and it’s every bit as excellent (even if it lacks that 8,000Hz polling rate). 

ROG Pugio II Ambidextrous
The best ambidextrous gaming mouse – both left and right-handed users. That usually results in a compromise which isn’t very comfortable for anyone.

Republic of Gamers throws its hat into the ring with a well-considered pointer that’s excellent for either camp, and we’d argue that it’s the best gaming mouse for ambidextrous users. That’s because it puts comfort over speed, and this is great news for any lefties out there. The side buttons are also configurable, allowing you to swap them out, add more, or remove them from one side entirely.

Another advantage of the Pugio II over the competition is its tri-mode connectivity. It can be used with 2.4GHz wireless, a Bluetooth connection if you prefer, or good old-fashioned USB wires.

Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro
The best wireless gaming mouse for most people – That’s perfect in online shooters where it helps to use different sensitivities on the fly. Activating them doesn’t take your index finger far from the left click, either. That helps boost response time, letting you adjust to a situation faster than normal.

Meanwhile, it’s surprisingly effective when it comes to ergonomics. This is a mouse that’ll remain comfortable despite hours of use gaming or working.

SteelSeries Rival 5
Everything you need in a gaming mouse, at a good price – Not only is the DPI dial-up nice and high but there are two neat RGB light strips down the side and nine reprogrammable buttons to take advantage of when sitting down for competitive gaming. 

As far as the construction itself goes, this is a more-than-serviceable mouse for browsing and gaming, with clicky but responsive buttons and a scroll wheel that feels just as you would expect. 

If you have larger hands and would like a little more heft from your peripherals, here’s something to consider – the Rival 5 is a little lighter than some other gaming mice. It doesn’t feel cheap or plasticky at all, but it’s definitely built with form and function in mind over style.

Corsair Sabre RGB Pro
Lightweight, fast, and incredibly satisfying – With an 18K DPI and 8,000Hz hyper-polling, there’s certainly some speed baked in under the hood. However, a weight of just 74g means all those stats are working even harder for you. 

The result is a speedy pointer with a smooth sweep, perfect for both twitch reflexes and precision shots. Corsair has also included its QuickStrike button design to offer very little travel with each click, which means every move is both incredibly responsive and offers a tactile, satisfying punch as well. 

This is a mouse designed for shooters, so you’ll only find two programmable thumb buttons here. While there could be room for more, the scroll wheel can also be configured using the iCUE software, and you’ve got everything you need for primary fire, weapon selection, and down sights aim.

Though it would be nice to have a third option for secondary fire as well, it’s an excellent streamlined buy for those looking for the edge in online FPS environments. 

Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless
The best premium gaming mouse – A follow-up to the classic G502 gaming mouse, this sequel builds on the original’s legacy with a 16,000 DPI HERO sensor, customizable weights to change how it feels in use, and 11 programmable buttons. These aren’t obnoxiously positioned, either. They’re subtly built into the side of the mouse’s flank to stay out of your way.

The Lightspeed avoids any fuss when it comes to charging cables, too. That’s because it’s compatible with the Logitech PowerPlay charging mat, meaning you can play and recharge the battery at the same time. That’s something of a revelation – having to pause mid-game and dig out a wire because your mouse has run out of charge is a nuisance. 

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