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Spending money on fancy components is all good and well when you’re making a gaming rig, but the best computer cases are just as crucial. They regulate air flow and stop your system from overheating and can also offer an attractive overall aesthetic for your build.

Generally speaking, there are four different kinds of computer cases to choose from like a full tower, mid-tower, mini-ITX, and quiet. As a result, the best PC case for you will depend on what you need.

Predictably, full towers are the largest and give you the most real-estate for future upgrades. This is helpful for cable management too. The best mid-tower cases are a bit smaller and more manageable, on the other hand. Mini-ITX cases are designed to cram the max amount of power into the tiniest possible space, though that doesn’t mean the best mini-ITX cases will be pocket-sized. Rather, they’re as compact as possible. And quiet cases? Well, that one’s self-explanatory.

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